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Medical products

The transition of healthcare facilities to an extensive use of disposable linen and garments is an important step in enhancing quality of medical help and improving public health standards as a whole.

The main objective of our company is to provide enough products to the Russian market of non-woven materials, which until recently were available in our country only thanks to import from Europe. Production facilities and equipment of the company produce enough to completely satisfy customers in Russia, while quality and price make it attractive for foreign customers.

To date the company offers the whole range of products demanded by the medical science:

  1. Disposable medical linen

This product type is an integral part of any sector of modern medicine and utilization of disposable linen and clothes has come to normal in any healthcare centers.

Application of disposable consumable materials ensures hygienic safety and help reduce the time required for medical treatment preparation, eliminates washing and facilitates cleaning procedure. Medical linen can be sterile and non-sterile, it is allergen-free and has an antistatic effect.

Besides, application of disposable linen makes it possible to reach a completely new standard of service.

  1. Disposable medical clothes

We produce garments for both medical staff and patients: gowns, trousers, caps, masks, bed sheets, surgical sets for general surgery, specialized sets for traumatic and neuro- surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, pediatrics and neonatology.

  1. Associated products

We can offer products for sanitary and household use, as cleaning and nursing in any healthcare facility are no less important than medical treatment. As far as diapers, lining and wiping materials are concerned, the best option here is the airlaid materials manufactured by our company. Medical personnel, who has to handle a lot of liquids, has recognized its properties, efficiency and quality.

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