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Grant to the hospital in Etkul

“C-Airlaid”, being a socially-oriented company, will arrange free of charge delivery of disposable medical products to the Central District Hospital in Etkul. The decision to provide patronage assistance was made by E.P. Babenkov, the director General of the Company. For the one-year period the surgery department, outpatient department and maternity hospital will be supplied with necessary products for providing high-standard medical service.

It is common knowledge that single-use medical clothes and linen are hardly affordable for many healthcare establishments. At the same time disposable products application effect can hardly be overestimated. Practice suggests that the number of post-surgery complications can be avoided due to application of single-use products. Single-use clothes protect both patients and doctors against catching all kind of infections (AIDS, hepatitis, etc.).

Today “C-Airlaid” LLC offers a wide range of high-quality goods made with non-woven materials, including trousers, gowns, caps, masks, drapers, sets for general surgery, as well as dedicated sets – for traumatology and neurosurgery, obstetrics and gynecology, bonnets and vests for newborns, as well as many other things.

Nikolai Guz, the Director of the Medical Department at “C-Airlaid” has commented on the event:

- - We understand that healthcare expenditures cannot be fully covered by allocations from public sector budgets. It was the reason that our company, as a manufacturer of products made of non-woven materials, has come to a decision to take this hospital under patronage. We revealed a demand equaling the gap between financing and real expenses. This served as a basis for allocating the assistance among the departments. All products have been made by our company and delivered to the hospital. We hope our doctors will appreciate the quality of the products that are awarded with numerous international certificates.