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«C Airlaid» LLC at the XVIII International Construction Exhibition

June 7th-10th 2011. Ufa City welcomes the exhibition entitled “Architecture and Construction in Urban Areas”.

The exhibition is the largest one in the Ural-Povolzhye Region dedicated to the above-mentioned topic and is traditionally saturated with theoretical and practical events. Last year the exhibition was attended by 16,000 people. More than 150 companies from Moscow, St. Petersburg, other Russian towns and cities, as well as from Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Denmark, China, Latvia, Poland, Finland, France, Sweden and Japan took part in the exhibition.

Advance in the construction industry in the Republic depends on the adaptation of new technologies, application of efficient equipment and machines, attraction of investment. It is important for construction companies involved in mass construction of residential and industrial buildings to be informed about any innovation technologies that appear on the market.

Venue: Ufa City, ul. R. Zorgе, 41, Ufa Sport Palace.